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Car Window Glass Replacement WE Advantage Windshield Express - Faster. Safer. Better. Faster Takes only 2 hours for replacement1 or repair work in cash jobs or cashless jobs (after getting approval from insurance companies). A wide product range, along with an extensive and well-supported distribution network of 60 depots in 40 cities and towns, ensures faster turnaround. Tie-ups with all major insurance companies, ensuring cashless replacement and repair services, with self-survey facility. Safer Our repair and replacement services follow international safety norms. In an unregulated auto aftermarket, Windshield Experts ensures that the parts manufactured and used are checked for authenticity and are of the same high standards as those supplied to the car manufacturer; customers are also educated on automotive safety issues. Only industry-recommended Polyurethane (PU) adhesive, rather than silicone2, is used when replacing and fixing windshields, ensuring safety. For windshield replacements, Windshield Experts uses only world-class laminated glass rather than tempered glass. A laminated windshield consists of two sheets of glass held together by an intervening layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) in the combination: 2.1 mm glass + 0.76 mm PVB + 2.1 mm glass. Unlike tempered glass, this makes sure that the laminated glass windshield: Does not shatter on impact, but breaks spontaneously, ensuring protection. Has only localised breakage at the impact point so that visibility is not hampered. Delivers high penetration resistance, ensuring safety. Is highly flexible, so injury and concussions are minimised in case of head-on impact in an accident. Better Specialist windshield replacement and repair services. Expert, safe and assured services at comparatively economical prices. Hassle-free claim procedure and cashless service due to Windshield Experts’ tie-ups with most insurance companies in India. One year warranty on windshield quality and workmanship. Always accessible, as customer queries are answered 365 days a year. Windshield Express ‘Repair First’ Philosophy At Windshield Express, replacement is only done if absolutely required and the safety of the driver and passengers is at stake. But if a windshield has only undergone minor damage like a chip, and is still within the permissible zone3. Windshield Express advocates repair rather than replacement. However, Windshield Experts suggests that the affected area of the windshield should be repaired at the earliest before it escalates to the replacement stage. So, even in case of minor damage, contact the nearest Windshield Experts centre so that corrective measures can be taken.

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